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Are You Ready to Sugardate?
Healthy dating starts with knowing yourself & what you want

Some questions you should think about before you start sugardating

It's really hard to predict what your future emotions may be. You may think you're ready & dive into this experience but if you haven't really assessed where you are in your journey with yourself & in relation to others, you might find yourself learning these hard lessons after the fact. & I don't want you to have to endure that pain so let's try to prevent it before we even get to that point.

Any & all healthy relationships require emotional intelligence so if you can't answer these questions with yourself, you may not be ready to sugar date.

  • What has your relationship with men been like in the past? What is your relationship with men like right now? Do you see any patterns? Because those things may be amplified in a sugar relationship.

  • Take some time to analyze what those patterns in your relationships have been. Sugardating can be a way to start setting healthy boundaries for yourself in relationships because you discuss the terms from the start. And because there usually isn’t an expectation of this relationship lasting forever or having a fairytale ending, both people can be real with each other. Sugardating can make you focus on the reality of your relationship rather than projecting or idealizing the perfect partner. But if you start projecting/idealizing and falling into a fantasy within sugardating, you can definitely be disillusioned too. So notice the patterns, take steps to prevent the toxic ones.

  • What is your relationship with intimacy like with yourself? Are you secure in your power or are you using intimacy as a need for validation?

  • The truth is, a lot of sugardating sites have turned into a glorified tinder. & a lot of the first messages you might receive from people might look more like “come over tonight for $”. And if you feel the need to secure an arrangement, you might be willing to do that. I’m here to tell you that is not

  • How do you deal with pressure & obligation? Can you say no and communicate your boundaries? Can you speak up for yourself about things that make you uncomfortable?

  • A few years from now, will you be able to speak proudly about this experience or will you feel shame? Your mindset, intention, & approach will determine the story you tell.

You have the choice to create the experience you want. It's in your control & that's what having Agency means.

January 2, 2022

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