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Ep. 2 The Grey Areas of Consent (ft. April)
As if the Agency crew couldn't be more LA...

What happens when consent isn't clear?

When you thought you wanted to engage but changed your mind and both people stop. And how do we process the feelings of confusion & awkwardness when things are heating up so quickly? It's an experience that a lot of us have experienced and there's been a lot of discourse about it with the #MeToo movement. But how do we process, heal, & move forward with strength?

These are the questions that April Lee is tackling in her short film, Black Belt. And the Agency team is stepping in as Executive Producers!!

Christina and April recount the kismet moments that lead to April being hired, sticky situations & power dynamics that sparked important conversations and lead to the inspiration behind the film, Black Belt. April's story is about reclaiming her power, finding agency, and going after her dreams at full force.

This episode is for anyone who's curious about exploring the unconventional paths in life.

Check out more info on the film here:

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