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How to Drive a Conversation
Leave them speechless.. jk don't do that😶
@christina.dates Make sure the things you want to cover in a conversation are being discussed by doing this! #dating #sugarbby #21+ #angel ♬ Fire for You - Cannons

One of the most I think one of the most important skills that you should have as a sugar baby is learning how to drive a conversation in the direction that you need it to go into.

Because guys are doing this all the time! And it's very clear which directions they're pushing the conversations. 🙄

And if you're just like following along in the conversation that they're leading you down, it's gonna be really hard to bring it back to what you want to talk about.

And I think the important thing to note is that you can use your femininity and do it in a skillful way to where it doesn't feel like super abrupt.

It's like, okay... he's talking about this thing here and you're kind of following along, but then you're like, okay, switch it up and talk about this. And always find a way to bring it back as if you're leading the dance.

And don't forget to have fun! This is all about connection and communication, but you're doing it in a way to where you're being upfront about what your needs are and making sure those things are being discussed.

And you can do it in a fun, flirty, playful way. And if the other person is more receptive to hearing those things, and you're probably more likely to get what you want. And this applies in anything, not just sugar dating. 😉

^This is a great question.

Something I always do to stay in control of the conversation is to always be the one asking the questions. That way the other person has no idea that you're actually leading the conversation.

But by asking questions, you're directing them on what you want them to say.

It can feel intimidating to think like, "Oh, these are the [list of] things that I need to talk about in this conversation and I need to be the one leading."

So instead, start to just ask questions and get the other person talking about themselves. Most likely, then they'll reverse the question to you and ask you once you're done asking questions.

It's all about asking for what you want. And because you already got the other person talking about themselves and feeling like they could open up with you, you're more likely to get what you want.

Think about it like a job interview. Who's interviewing who for the position?

January 7, 2022

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