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Just Launched: A Platform for Sugar Babies
Giving sugar baby entrepreneurs a platform to grow their businesses. Help us spread the word!

One year ago, sugar baby, Christina Kim, posted a TikTok video entitled “From Sugar baby to CEO” in which she announced the future launch of her sugar dating site, Agency. It quickly went viral, reaching 2.8M views and over a half-million likes. People from all over gravitated to the refreshing message of a young woman, trying to empower a community that was mostly looked down upon. Her story resonated with other women who wanted to see a sugar baby take on big sugar dating sites as an underdog.

As Christina grew her online community, she began to connect with other sugar babies who had big aspirations to start something for themselves. She noticed that a handful of the sugar babies she met had their own small businesses and they also valued sugar dating for the access to mentorship and support.

She also noticed when speaking to other sugar babies that not many of them had friends they felt they could openly talk to about the lifestyle. They felt judged or just misunderstood. But they found speaking to other sugar babies really impactful and empowering.

Built By A Sugar Baby is a community page for anyone interested in the sugar lifestyle.

This lifestyle is unconventional, sexy and indulgent, luxurious and aspirational, edgy and rebellious, considered and thoughtful.

And it all started with the question, "What if sugar babies knew that they had everything in themselves to accomplish their dreams? What if with a little bit of the same support that sugar daddies are able to provide, we could help more sugar babies have agency?"

Our aim is to provide the mentorship and support necessary for anyone to navigate these unconventional lifestyles. Because with a little guidance and support from those who’ve done it before, you might just accelerate on the path you were already on.

Made by a Sugar Baby allows for sugar babies to list their products & projects on our platform. They receive 100% of the proceeds made from purchases on the site. They can also choose to be anonymous & white list their products.

If you have a business you’d love to promote or a blog post that would be helpful for the community, we’d love to have your involvement.

March 14, 2022

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