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You Can Now Run a Background Check on Your Date!
Ever wanted to run a background check on someone before you go out with them? 🧐 Now you can.

It's a really exciting day for the dating industry.

Let me tell you why. just launch which means you can now instantly do online dating background checks. All you have to do is input your dates information through Garbo's system and they'll look up to see if there are any public criminal records against them.

The dating industry is notorious for being really hard to do background checks because of the amount of liability involved. But Garbo is able to do this at a low cost by collecting public records and reports of violence and abuse only including arrest convictions, restraining orders, harassment and other violent crimes. So this doesn't include drug charges or DUIs. They're also funded by the Match group, which is a parent company of Tinder, Hinge and OkCupid.

And while this is a huge step in the right direction of making online dating a safer space, I think it's important to note that although somebody might come back with a clean record, you shouldn't take this in pure faith because most sexual assaults go unreported. Garbo is only checking for past history of dating violence and so if they come back with a clean record and you go on a date with them, but the vibe feels off, use your best judgment.

Agency will be using Garbo to conduct background checks on all of our Angel Investors as well as Stripe ID verification to make sure everyone on our platform is real and verified.

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